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Sweden Retreat & Camp: Embodiment & Stressrelease / Self-& Coregulation / Contact&Flow


Sweden Retreat & Camp: Embodiment & Stressrelease / Self-& Coregulation / Contact&Flow
Mi, 29. Juli 2020 - So, 2. August 2020
offener Workshop/Ausbildungsmodul somatische Tanzpädagogik


Embodiment & Stressrelease / Self-& Coregulation / Contact&Flow


Inspired by „Somatic Experiencing“ and „Tension Release Exercises“ we will explore how the human nervous system is handling stress. We will allow especially the autonomic part to release stress and with sensitized body awareness, and will facilitate the unwinding and breathing of fascia tissue. In Contact (-Improvisation) we will play with the potential of Self- and Co-Regulation of our nervous systems.

Furthermore we will explore and enjoy the interaction of Organs, Fascia and deep abdominal muscles and invite the juicy power of the "center" to support the spine in its mobility and vitality. Playing with developmental movement patterns we help the body to re-connect to deep sources of life energy. Fascial elasticity and smoothness allow effortlessness and joy in movement and being.

The work of Daniel & Gaby offers spaces for experiencing & learning about / is inspired by / works with elements from:

Somatic Movement - Somatic Coaching
Embodied Experiencing
Touch and Contact Research & Improvisation
Body systems: Fascia / Organs / Psoas / Nervous System / Fluids & more
Developmental Movement - Prenatal & early childhood
Pre- and Perinatal psychology
Stress & (Developmental) Trauma - Collective and Transgenerational
Self & Co-Regulation
Embodiment as a Spiritual Path - Modern Mysticism - Soul Path
Aquatic Motion & Bodywork
Dancing - Singing - Sharing
Somatic Presencing - Resourcing - Relating - Cohering - Integrating - Awakening
Interpersonal Neurobiology - Polyvagal Theory - Somatic Experiencing® - TRE®
Body-Mind Centering®
Qigong & Tai Chi to Mantak Chia
I You We - the healthy Self in relationship - Social Uterus
Community Research
Spiral dynamics and Integral Perspectives

The workshop space is situated on a farm on the beautiful countryside outside Höör. .
Sleeping in tents, on a sleeping attic in the dance space, or indoors on matrasses.
Vegan/vegetarian food.
Community-Life. Bonfires. Swimming in the lake. Sauna. Music. Go wild in the nature. Cocreation. Sharings. Friendship.
Corona-adjusted exercises. Maximun number of participants 20.

Price: Sliding scale 320-240 Euros or 3300-2500 SEK
Two volounteers are needed to help out with foodpreperations etc. Reduced price. Contact me for more information.

Send an e-mail to Diese E-Mail-Adresse ist vor Spambots geschützt! Zur Anzeige muss JavaScript eingeschaltet sein! with full name, mobile-number, sleep preferences (own tent, attic, or shared room Indoors), foodpreferences/allergies, and wait for my returning confirmation-mail, with payment information etc. If you have any questions feel free to contact me..

Detailed schedule will be announced soon. Arrival day will start 16.00 with registrations, building tents etc. Opeing circle at 18. Evening meal at 19.

Questions about the workshops? Write to Diese E-Mail-Adresse ist vor Spambots geschützt! Zur Anzeige muss JavaScript eingeschaltet sein!